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Comprehensive Description

    The Sony Company was established as Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo corporation in May 1946.( The company name was changed to Sony corporation in january 1958 ), now officially named Sony Kabushiki Kaisha, makes a host of products including digital and video cameras, walkman, stereos, TV, and Semi Conductors, through its more than 1,200 subsidiaries. A  top conglomerate worldwide, Sony boasts entertainment assets such as music ( Sony Music Entertainment ), motion pictures  ( Sony Pictures Entertainment and Digital Production ), DVDs ( Sony Picture Home Entertainment ) and TV program ( Sony Picture Entertainment ). Under its Non-Japanese leader Sir Howard Stringer. Sony's realigning and shedding some long time traditions.
      Ocular Capture is a business under Sony Corporation that creates a good quality camera to better capture the images of people and places that amazed us. The word "Ocular" is the best define as a "visual presentation", "visual image" or something that is visible to be seen and the word "Capture" means to succeed in preserving a image in its lasting form. The Ocular Capture helps on creating publication ( magazines, newspaper, and books ) and other art works. Our Products is one of the best there is in the market because of its high quality, good performance and the name of the company itself can guarantee that this product has high in standards. Some of our cameras are being used by journalist who wants to show pictures of what is happening in the world today they sell their pictures to companies like Times, Fortunes and other printing company. This helps create a better view of life.


- Adheres to the laws, regulations and social standard of countries around the world 
- To prove that our products are of a good quality and to sell at a good price in order to make profit
- To value our customers and shareholders

Target Customers 
- Teenagers, Young Adults, Adults